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This round of Katy TX restaurants is sure to be delightful. I haven’t finished telling you about the top places to eat in the city yet. Maybe you could use some more good picks while you’re visiting. If so, then I’ve got some wonderful places to eat lined up for you. When you’re planning on dining out in Katy, Texas, maybe you will want to choose one of these four restaurants.

Ray’s Mexican Restaurant is located at 870 South Mason Road, and it’s where you get your Tex Mex cuisine. It’s one of the top places for Tex Mex in Katy, but you can imagine there are quite a few. Mentioned in the menu highlights are the margaritas this place serves up, too. Are you up for some Mexican food and margaritas? The fajitas, taco salads and more are talked about in the reviews.

Texas Tradition sounds like a another great place to check out, doesn’t it? It is located at 5321 Highway Boulevard, and the place offers an all-you-can-eat catfish deal. Texas Tradition is also said to be a nice place to order up a chicken fried steak. I see fried okra mentioned in the reviews. Oh, this place is really starting to sounds like a plan. Does it fit what you’re looking for in a meal?

El Canton Firewood Pizza sounds like a plan, too. Located at 981 South Mason Road, El Canton Firewood Pizza is a great pick. The name just makes your mouth water, doesn’t it? You can build your own pizza, and the meat lovers pizza makes the menu highlights. People say that the place gets busy on the weekends for sure, so that’s just a heads up. Reviews also mention that you can expect great service and great prices.

If you’re thinking you want some Texas BBQ, well one place you could pick in Katy is Spring Creek Barbecue. The address for Spring Creek Barbecue is 21000 Katy Freeway, and people say it is a cafeteria style restaurant. Not only are you going to enjoy some delicious barbecue, but the establishment serves up great sides, warm rolls, peach cobbler and ice cream according to reviews.

Does Texas barbecue have your attention, or did one of the other picks sound the most appetizing? You’re about to enjoy some great food in Katy TX. I hope that one of my picks helps you figure out where you want to eat today.

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